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  • “This is the first event we have been to and the food was really good. It’s cool to know that the kids made it.” – Amber Merriweather

  • “Thanksgiving dinner.” – Ken Hammett

  • “This is the first event, so the Thanksgiving dinner!” – Amanda O’Keefe

  • “Thanksgiving is good so far! Can’t wait to see what you’ve planned!” – Mike O’Keefe

  • “Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s very warm and family oriented.” Tristan’s Grandma

  • “Their Thanksgiving Dinner and all of their holiday family parties, they’re very family oriented.” – Melissa Sibilia

  • “Thanksgiving feast.” – Tracy Gannuscio

  • “Harvest Feast, Christmas celebration, Joy’s beautiful singing voice and piano playing.” – Darlene Rand

  • “Thanksgiving Dinner.” – Lisa Barcelowsky

  • “This Thanksgiving feast.” –Darlene Joy Rand

  • “Their every event and the effort that they put into it all.” – Vaericia’s Mom

  • “Harvest feast and Christmas celebration.” – Charles Rand

  • “Thanksgiving Dinner.” – Theresa Insinga

  • “Thanksgiving Feast.” – Steven Gannuscio

  • “So far we have only been here for two events buy we have loved them both.” – Vincent Webber

I am thankful for Little Acorns Daycare & Learning Center because:

  • “It is a safe and educational place for my children to go. My child has improved a lot.”- Amber Merriweather

  • “Best childcare in Pennsylvania.” – Ken Hammett

  • “You keep my son safe and happy. He is protected and cared for.” – Amanda O’Keefe

  • “You give our son a place to play and be safe and sociable when we have to work.” – Mike O’Keefe

  • “My grandson Tristan has made many friends and he likes it. Little Acorns is very warm and welcoming.” – Tristan’s Grandma

  • “My children all enjoy going to day care because they love their teachers and playing with all of their friends. Nicky and Noel love to learn because their teachers make learning fun!” – Melissa Sibilia

  • “They are always here when needed. Miss Joy has been extremely understanding and helpful during a difficult year for Justin and my family.” – Tracy Gannuscio

  • “They show God’s love to all ages.” Darlene Rand

  • “They are very kind and caring. Always accommodating.” – Lisa Barcelowsky

It's one thing for us to tell you how your children will have a wonderful day with us at Little Acorns Daycare & Learning Center, but it's important to know what proud parents have to say.

I am thankful for:

My favorite event at Little Acorns Daycare & Learning Center is:

Little Acorns Daycare & Learning Center

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Read What Other Parents Have to Say About Us

  • “I know my girls have a safe place to go before and/or after school. I have peace of mind when I’m at work. – Darlene Joy Rand

  • “They put their lives in all they do to share with the little ones and their family.” – Vaericia’s Mom

  • “They take really good care of my children and church.” – Charles Rand

  • “I wouldn’t be able to work without Little Acorns. It’s nice to know that there’s someone to take Gianna off the bus if I’m running late.” – Theresa Insinga

  • “My son is cared for and all the staff is wonderful.” – Steven Gannuscio

  • “They are working with my son and what he delays at.” – William Forte

  • “All of them, because everyone is so friendly and welcoming every day we come in.” – Amber Merriweather

  • “Miss Bev, because she treats our kids like her own kids.” – Ken Hammett

  • “Miss Maria and Miss Lori, because their care and love for Logan radiates. They make me feel so happy having him here!” – Amanda O’Keefe

  • “Miss Maria and Miss Lori, because Logan loves them and always talks about what they did with him.” – Mike O’Keefe

  • “All of them, because we don’t have a specific one. They’re all unique in their own special way” – Tristan’s Grandma

  • “Mrs. Lori, because she always keeps me informed about my kids and they all adore her.” – Melissa Sibilia

  • “Ms. Dora, because she is very helpful, patient and listens.” – Tracy Gannuscio

  • “Ms. Lori, Ms. Dora, and Ms. Janet, because these people really show God’s love for the children.” – Darlene Rand

  • “Miss Lori, because she’s nice. Kate’s grandmother likes Miss Dora. She always plays games with the kids.” – Lisa Barcelowsky

  • “Assistant Director Lori and Joy, because they are the friendliest, and Miss Dora, because of the activities she does with the kids.” – Darlene Joy Rand

  • “You all, because love is in the air.” – Vaericia’s Mom

  • “Janet, Liz and Lori, because they have true, genuine caring for all children.” – Charles Rand

  • “Miss Dora, because she is very patient with Gianna and is very understanding. I love having conversations with her.” – Theresa Insinga

  • “Miss Dora, because she is helpful and Justin likes her.” – Steven Gannuscio

  • “Ms. ‘Wiz’, hard to pick because he loves his teachers equally.” – Vincent Webber

My favorite teacher at Little Acorns Daycare & Learning Center is:

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